Estd. 1956

NAAC Accredited "B+" Grade


Our Motto - Truth and Love

Code of Conduct For Students

  1. Students shall obey all orders of the Principal.
  2. Students shall behave respectfully with the Principal and Staff of the College. They shall behave politely with their fellow-students. Any act of disobedience, improper conduct or indecent remarks at women students will be viewed seriously.
  3. Students shall ensure that they will use classroom furniture and fittings, laboratory equipment, books and college property in general, very carefully. The cost of any damage done will be recoverable from the student/s either individually or collectively as the case may be.
  4. Smoking Cigarette and use of other tobacco product in the college premises is strictly prohibited.
  5. No Student shall directly send any materials concerning the college either to the press or elsewhere for publication without the permission and prior approval of the Principal.
  6. Students are not authorized to form association/societies/unions in the college without the permission of the Principal.
  7. The Principal reserves to himself the right to remove from the college rolls the name of any student for:

a). Failure to pay college dues in time.

b). Failure to come up to the academic standards.

c). Conduct which in the opinion of the Principal is unsatisfactory.

  1. Mobile phones are prohibited from college premises.
  2. Ragging in any form or manner is strictly prohibited within and outside the college campus.
  3. Students indulging in ragging or other such activities will be liable for strict action like imposing heavy fine, suspension from college and hostel and or handing over to the police.
  4. College will not be responsible for or will not interfere in any legal action by police against students involved in ragging / beating / quarrel, etc.
  5. Wearing College uniform and identity card is compulsory in theory and practical classes on all working days.
  6. If the students do not wear uniform and I card it will be treated as an act of indiscipline and the students shall not be allowed to enter the college premises.
  7. Students are advised not to bring any valuables/costly items to the college. The college shall not be the responsible for any loss in this regard.
  8. Maharashtra State Board/RTM Nagpur University Stipulates that a student should put in a minimum of 75% attendance in each subject.
  9. For Std XI students, marks obtained at all tests/examinations will be taken into account for purpose of promotion to std XII.
  10. The initial fees must be paid immediately else the admission is liable to be cancelled.
  11. The original transfer certificate will not be returned under any circumstances. Duplicate transfer certificate will not be accepted.
  12. The original marksheet will not be returned till the end of the session as the Board/University may require the same for inspection. Students are further advised to prepare sufficient number of copies for their own use and have them attested before seeking admission.
  13. For S.F.S. College students who were studying during the last academic year and seeking admission to the next higher class, the last date for submission of application forms will be SEVEN days after the declaration of the College/University Examination results, after which date their application for admission may be refused.