Estd. 1956

NAAC Accredited "A" Grade


Our Motto - Truth and Love


The National Cadet Corps (NCC) is the premier youth organization of the Nation. It has about 1.3 million cadets enrolled every year; this makes it the world’s largest youth organization, which came into being with an act of parliament in the form of “NCC Act and Rule 1948”

The NCC as the foremost organization for empowerment of youth , has been performing a unique service to the nation by including the spirit of national integration and unity in the youth and moulding them into responsible, disciplined and patriotic citizens. The training curriculum provides an avenue to develop a spirit of adventure and imbibe ideals of selfless service. It promotes a unique mix of scholastic education and extracurricular activities for all round personality development.

What does the NCC offer to the cadets ?

  • An excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the defense life.
  • A chance of lifetime to get trained in scores of adventure activities.
  • It is training ground for acquiring an iron will and impeccable discipline.
  • Chance to participate in dedicate teams in the service of the nation.
  • Hundreds of scholarships.
  • Opportunities to travel abroad.
  • Number of honours and awards.

Incentives in seeking careers in defence and paramilitary forces, government as well as private institutions.

Academic incentives in the form of bonus scores for various admissions.

No financial liability for training, travel, camping or any activity undertaken.

No military service liability.

N.C.C. At S.F.S.

In-charge: Lt Cdr V.B.Hirulkar ANO

All the NCC activities in the college are supervised by Lt Cdr V.B.Hirulkar, Associate NCC Officer (ANO ) and Associate Professor in Electronics.

About 30 students from the college get enrolled every year in various NCC units, in Nagpur. Students studying in XI Std or First year of Graduation can seek enrollment in first year of NCC. 30 vacancies are available for SFS students in 4 Mah Naval Unit, Nagpur. Students can also get enrolled as cadets of Air wing in 2 MAH Air Sqn, or they can also be enrolled in Army wings namely 2 Mah Arty Battery NCC, 3 Mah Girls’ Battalion NCC, which are the other open units in Nagpur.

SFS students have participated in number of activities in the period between Jan 2010 to Jan 2014 and have spectacular achievements to their credit. In the past five years, 10 Cadets represented their Units at All India Level camps like AINSC, AIVSC, RDC, NIC.

Four Students namely : Shivam Farkade, Nilesh Kshirsagar, Vivek Gupta, and Shubham Patre have been honoured for their participation / selection for the International Youth Exchange Programs.

Programs like blood donation, tree plantation, and campus beautification form the routine activities, while exhibition of models and squad activities is also held at special occasions. The cadets exhibit their talents during their participation in the various camps organized by NCC units and bring laurels to the college in general and individuals in particular. Ideally every student must strive to become the member of this noble organization which offers everything absolutely free of charge and demands only sincerity, hard work and dedication that too in the pursuit of excellence for the individuals themselves.