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Disaster Management Cell

Dr. Susan John Varghese,

 Associate Professor, Department of Physics

Co-ordinator, Disaster Management Cell.

Disaster Management and preparedness unit of SFS College regularly conducts lecture for teaching staff, non-teaching staff and for students on “fire disaster and first aid for fire burns” followed by Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training. CPR stands for Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation; cardio means “heart” and pulmonary means “related to lungs”. Resuscitation is a medical word which means “to revive”. CPR is a life-saving technique used in medical emergencies such as heart attack or cardiac arrest. More than 85 percent of cardiac arrests take place at home. Sudden cardiac arrest occurs when an electrical rhythm problem occurs and the heart is no longer able to pump blood effectively to the rest of the body. one might has seen a person suddenly collapse, lose consciousness, and stop breathing. The longer the body goes without circulation, the lower the chance of survival. By performing CPR, one can help the person’s blood keep circulating until an ambulance arrives and more advanced tools can be used. We know that the chance of surviving a sudden cardiac arrest increases significantly, by more than double, when CPR is started early. To perform hands-only CPR, place the heel of your hand on the center of the victim’s chest. Take your other hand and place it on top of the first, interlacing your fingers. Press down on the chest about two inches and release. One must repeat this quickly, at least 100 times a minute. And don’t stop doing CPR until emergency services arrives at the scene – recent studies have found that people may have a better chance of surviving with normal brain function when CPR is continued up to 35 minutes or longer. The goal of disaster management unit of S.F.S college is to teach every one the technique that works best so that one can save a life. Through this training one can gain confidence. Moreover Hands-only CPR is easy to learn.

Every year SFS College in collaboration with National Disaster Response force (NDRF) conducts various sessions, lecture series, table top exercises etc. for staff and students.

Disaster management unit of SFS college conducted mock drill (earthquake Scenario) with the help of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) and Fire And Safety Services, civil lines, Nagpur. It was 3 days long procedure. During the 3 days students learnt the search and rescue operation, handling the casualties and fire fighting exercise were studied and observed keenly by the college teams to take up these roles in case of any future eventuality. Mock drill was conducted under the guidance of Shri Alok Kumar (Dy. Commandant)  &  shri Deepak Kamoriya ((Dy. Commandant) ,Inspector Pankaj Kumar and team of NDRF academy and Shri Pramod Lokhande police inspector SDTF  and team of SDTF and CFO-Rajendra D Uchake, Asst .STO keshav R.Khote and fireman rescuer Mr. Sanjay C. Sembeker and Mr. Tushar B. Neware and driver Mr. Krupashankar R. Dixit of fire and safety dept ,Nagpur on .

On 13-03-2020, National Disaster Response force (NDRF) conducted lecture on “First Aid for Snake Bite“. NDRF also demonstrated the first aid treatment on the patient and also showed the video. The drill was organized to check the preparedness of the college to face any such emergency during any natural calamity and also to make the students and staff aware about the Fire Fighting rescue operation including use of proper fire extinguisher and its procedure. These mock drills help in meeting the challenges in adverse situations and in coping with the situation during the time of natural and man-made disaster.

Followed by awareness programme on “do and don’ts during Covid-19″ for SFS college students and staff. The aim of awareness programme is to stop the spreading of virus in the workplace by educating employees on the various symptoms of the virus, and the different measures should be taken if they or their colleague have been exposed to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Dr. Susan John Varghese, was invited as resource person, at Hislop College, Civil lines Nagpur, and delivered the lecture on “Remedies when disaster strikes and first aid for fire burns”, on 5th March 2020.


To ensure safety of students and the staff during any unforeseen emergency / disaster fire or any natural calamity such as earthquake etc.


1) To enhance disaster preparedness for effective response

2) Conduct awareness generation programme on various topics such as fire safety, first aid etc.

3) To conduct mock drill on various disaster scenario

4) To train students and staff for Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)