Estd. 1956

NAAC Accredited "A" Grade


Our Motto - Truth and Love

Department of Hindi

About Department:

Hindi Department Establishment – 1956. The following are the pioneers and pillars of the department:

  • Fr. Ekka , who started the department with great efforts From 1956 – 1958
  • Ms. Shanta Jain, H.O.D. From 1958 – 1990
  • Dr. Pushpalata Jain, H.O.D. From 1979 – 2001
  • Dr. Kavita Shanware, H.O.D. From 1973 – 2005
  • Dr. Mrs. Sindhu Patil, H.O.D.  From 2005 – 2013
  • Dr Jayashree Bhusari, H.O.D. From 2013 – 2014

Courses Offered:

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) : Three years degree course in Hindi Literature.
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) : Three years degree course in Hindi compulsory language.
  • B.Sc. / B.C.A. : Hindi is an optional subject at first year B.Sc. / B.C.A.

Admission Criteria:

After passing 10 + 2 H.S.C. Exam. Maharashtra Board or any equivalent exam.

XI, XII Junior College:

Hindi is an optional subject.


Name Qualification Designation Experience
Dr. Pramita Baiswara MA, Ph.D – Contributory 2 years
Dr. Rajkumari Yadav MA, Ph.D Contributory- 2 years



1. College Library is having 1500 books of Hindi language

2. Departmental library is having 75 books

3. Dictionaries of  Braj , Urdu and Eng. language are available

4. One computer with internet facility is placed in the library for students and staff

5. One Laptop

Hindi Department Awards:

  • Ms. Shanta Jain Award for Highest Marks in B.A. Hindi Literature.
  • Mrs. Dr. Pushpalata Jain Award for Highest Marks in B.A. Compulsory Hindi Language.
  • Late Monica Francis Award for Highest Marks in Hindi Subject at H.Sc. Board Exam.


Subject Organization / Society: “Hindi Bhasha Samiti” and “Premchand Study Circle”

Activities of Hindi Bhasha Samiti and Premchand Study Circle:

Hindi Bhasha Samiti

Department of Hindi arranges many programmes on the occasion of “Hindi Bhasha Samiti” (inaugural day and valedictory function) and one week “Hindi Saptaha”

Report on Hindi Bhasha Samiti 2017-18:

Hindi Bhasha Samiti for the academic year 2017-18 was officially formed on 10.07.17.The following students were selected as volunteers.

  • President:  Isa Bella Kujur-B.A Third year
  • Vice President: Swati Panna-B.A Third year
  • Secretary: vinod kujur: B.A Second year
  • Treasurer: Prakhar Gupta B.A Second year
  • Volunteers: Rebecca gurm, Nidhi Walde,Sunil hansdek: B.A First year

Jatin Thomas, Rohith de, souza, Anil Hebron B.A Second year

Lakan dalal, jyoti ramtek, Sunil barjo B.A Third year

Inauguration of Hindi Bhasha Samiti

Hindi Bhasha Samiti was inaugurated on 11.07.17.The chief guest was Rev.Fr. Praveen O.P. All the students of B.A first, second and third years were actively participated in the function. Vinod kujur, the secretary welcomed the gathering. The chief guest in his message told the students about the value of Hindi in our country and in the society. At the end the president Esa Kujur proposed the vote of thanks.

Hindi Week Celebrations

Hindi week was celebrated from 06.09.17 to 14.09.17. Many competitions like debate, essay writing, kavi sammelan, and elocution were conducted during the occasion. Topics and results of different competitions are as follows.

1. ESSAY WRITING (Topic: Importance of Hindi in the modern India)                                                                                                                                            

First: Ramesh Bilwal – B.A First year

Second: Alok Minj – B.A second year

Third: Dharmendra Beck – B.A second year

2. ELOCUTION (Topic: Today’s youth and fashion)

First: Binod Murmu – B.A second year

Second: Ravikanth Kumar – B.A first year

              Vinod Kujur – B.A third year

Third: Nabor Ekka – B.A second year


First: Binod Mumu – B.A second year

Second: Dharmendra Beck – B.A second year

             Prakhar Gupta – B.A second year

Third: Robin Ram – B.A third year

4. DEBATE (Topic: usefulness of semester pattern)

First: Vinod Kujur – B.A second year

Second: Chandan Kumar – B.A first year

Third: Anil Hembrom – B.A second year

           Nidhi Sudhakar – B.A First year

Hindi Day Celebrations

Hindi day was celebrated on 14.09.17. The chief guest was Rev. Fr. Cyril O.P. Niharika of B.A first year welcomed the students. All the winners of various competitions were awarded by the chief guest. Rabeca of B.A first year proposed vote of thanks. Sweets were distributed to all the students.

Other Notable Achievements

Swati of B.A Third year and Mansi of B.A second year were for the inter collegiate Hindi Kavi Sammelan held at L.A.D college Nagpur on 24.01.17. Swati has got third prize.

Valedictory Function of Hindi Bhasha Samiti

Closing of Hindi Bhasha samiti for the academic year 2017-18 was held on 15.03.18. All the first year Hindi students were present for the program

Premchand Study Circle

Students read the stories from ‘Mansarovar’ of  Premchand and presents their critical views.