Estd. 1956

NAAC Accredited "B+" Grade


Our Motto - Truth and Love

Environmental Cell

Motto:  Clean SFS; Green SFS

Nature lover’s of SFS College set up an Environment cell in the year 2000. The club aims at inculcating values for preserving the fragile planet and ecosystem. There was a dire need of an association in the name of ‘Environment cell’ in SFS college, as each one of us recognized our role in preserving our fragile planet and eco-system. We realized that we are slowly poisoning our world. Thoughtlessly we are destroying the beauty of our surroundings. Pollution brings about the adverse changes in the atmosphere. Man, and not nature is responsible for this phenomenon. Fresh air and pure water have become rare commodities. It is no wonder that people suffer from new and strange ailments which defy the skills of even the best of doctors. This problem should be skillfully handled, though it is a Herculean task. If men are to lead a happy and serene life, the young generation have to be made aware of the gravity of the problem. Thus giving us a humble beginning to this Herculean task, some of the nature loving members of the staff under the able guidance of Rev.Fr. Anthony D`souza principal of SFS college set up the Environment cell.

It is mandatory for the student of UG courses to complete the course work on environment sciences for award of the UG degree in this contest they have to participate and submit project report as frame by the college academic committee. The activity consists of weekly lectures on environment related topics, field visit to nearby place and submission of a project report on the topic of their interest. The final grading of the students is based on the participation on the above mentioned activities.

Objective of the cell:

  • 1. Foster the knowledge, skills and values essential to protection of our environment and sustainable living.
  • 2. Actively engage students in learning in and out of the classrooms by involving them in projects.
  • 3. Work towards cleaner and greener environment.
  • 4. Campus cleaning.
  • 5. Organizing popular lecture series on different environment issues by subject experts.
  • 6. Field visits to study flora of region and to understand the importance of environment conservation.
  • 7. Educate students about health, hygiene and ill effects of smoking.

Activities of Club:

  • 1. Popular lecture series on environment issues; Health and hygiene; AIDS.
  • 2. Projects based on environmental protection by students.
  • 3. Field visits/ Visit to wildlife sanctuaries.
  • 4. Short films on ill effects of pollution, environment conservation, AIDS.
  • 5. Poster /slogan /photography contest/power point presentation competition on nature ,environment, wildlife.
  • 6. Short plays to highlight issues of environment protection.
  • 7. Weekly Wall magazine.
  • 8. Slide shows on wildlife of India ,flora and fauna around the campus.
  • 9. Plantation drive.
  • 10. Campus cleaning.