Estd. 1956

NAAC Accredited "B+" Grade


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Department of Economics

About Department:

The department was established in the year 1956. It offers economics as one of the main subjects for graduate studies. It approaches a selective and scientific methodology to teach economics. For the first year students, a bridge course is offered to introduce them to the subject. Class room sections are interactive in nature and a wide range of reading materials are supplied to the students.

Courses Offered:

Name of the Course: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Strength allotted:                  

B.A. I – 42

B.A. II – 30

B.A. III – 31

Programme Outcomes:

  1. Understanding the methods of Economic Analysis
  2. Understanding the graphical presentation of functional relationship between various economic variables
  3. Developing an insight into the contemporary economic situations by observing the ups and downs of macroeconomic variables.
  4. Presentation Skills – The students are advised to present their assignment topics at the end of the semester using power point tools.
  5. Analytical Skills – Both micro and macro economics involves the explanation of theories in an analytical way along with additional statistics; which helps the students to develop their analytical skills.
  6. Critical Evaluation Skills – It is not just presentation of facts but the a through critical evaluation of the earlier theories, which enables them to develop critical evaluation skills.
  7. Developing Reading habits – The course content recommends the students to read different reading materials which are helpful to develop reading habits among them.

Better Cognitive and Perspective Skills – Assignments related to news paper readings and contemporary economic issues helps students to be alert and follow the newspaper articles daily and develop better cognitive and perspective skills.

Staff :

1Dr. Tinu Joseph         Asst. ProfessorPh. D, MPhil in Economics, Master of Science in Development Economics, UGC NET  


The department maintains a departmental library where the students can access the text books.

Research Publications:

  1. Joseph, Tinu (2016). An Analytical enquiry into the import intensity of Indian Manufacturing sector.The Indian Economic Journal (ISSN:0019-4662), Sage Publications, Vol. 64, No. 1-2, pp.43-56.
  2. Joseph, Tinu (2014). Learning from SAFTA experience: A way forward for the future FTAs of India. Asian Economic Review (ISSN 0004-4555), Vol.56, No.2, pp.133-155.
  3. Joseph, Tinu (2013). Higher Education and Employment Aspirations of Women in India, Man and Development (ISSN 0258-0438), Sept 2013, pp.127-138.
  4. Joseph, Tinu (2010). People’s Health: As perceived by Policies in India. AGIR Review, (ISBN 2- 91431-9-37-1) No.44, Societe de Strategie, Paris, France, pp.139-150.

Departmental Activities:

The Department is actively involved in conducting seminars on current topics. Some of the topics on which seminars were conducted in the past are Disinvestment and its impact on Indian Economy, World Trade Organization and Agriculture, Economic Development of Vidarbha: Vision 2025 etc. Eminent academicians, economists, industrialists etc. participated in the programmes.

Department in collaboration with history department conducts inter-disciplinary programmes under the banner ‘Ecohistory’. It also participates in Environmental activities as well as career council to the students. The department plans a student e-journal as well as yearly lecture series on various economic issues

Alumni of the Department:

  1. Anuradha Patnaik
  2. Saikrishna S. Rao
  3. Sindhu Nair