Estd. 1956

NAAC Accredited "B+" Grade


Our Motto - Truth and Love

Department of Zoology


The Zoology Department has a students’ association, PEARLS, installed every year. The Association gives exposure to the students on various platforms of responsibility, boosts their confidence and builds up their personality. It carries out various co-curricular activities every year. In addition, the Department awards the toppers in Zoology from the first, second and third year, every year through this association.

Activities Conducted:

21.10.2022: Poster Competition on Pathogens

12.10.2022: Poster Competition on Wild Life Day

3.03.2022: Inter Collegiate Essay Competition on ‘Farmers’ Conflict with Wild Life’

25.11.2021: Online Quiz on International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

4.10.2021: Quiz on World Animal Welfare

20.09.2021: Webinar on Gender Equity

17.09.2021: National Webinar on World Patient Safety Day.

16.09.2021: Webinar on Organ Donation.

11.09.2021: Guest lecture on Bee Keeping.

4.09.2021: Certificate course on Aquarium Maintenance.

27.08.2021: Visit to Fish Farm.

 29.07.2021: Webinar on International Tiger day.

29.07.2021:  Poster Competition on International Tiger Day

14.06.2021: Essay Competition on World Blood Donor Day

31.10.2020: Online Quiz on Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

 11.08.2020: Webinar on Identification, rescue and release of snakes.

11.02.2020: Taken Students on Study Tour to Pench.

24.01.2020: Taken Students on a field visit to walking track Seminary Hills.

2.8.2019: Inauguration of PEARLS; Guest Lecture by Dr. D.D. Barsagade

26.03.2019: Valedictory function for Sem VI

16.03.2019: Visit to SFS centre of Biotechnology

18.01.2019: Guest lecture for Sem IV & VI by Mrs A Bhake of M/S Clini India on Clinic trials.

8.09.2018: Field visit to Navegaon Khairi fishery project.

28.08.2018: Field visit by Sem V to Sericulture project, CSBR Ambhajari.

13.08.2018: Inauguration of PEARLS, Guest lecture BY Dr. S.B. Zade on Neurodegenerative disease.

26.03.2018: Valedictory function for Sem VI

16.03.2018: Visit to SFS Centre for Biotechnology

2.02.2018: Model and Chart exhibition.

9.01.2018: Guest lecture by ex-students Shubham Sambhare and Manashri Dongre on studies abroad.

18.08.2017 and 19.08.2017: Workshop on Computer Hardware and Installation of Software.

17.02.2017:  Visit to Biotechnology

27.09.2016: Taken Students on a field visit to Seoni Bandh Fishery Project and To Sericulture Project at Deoripar.

7.04.2016: Talk on various benefits of using an interactive Board.

5.10.2015 to 11.10.2015: One week Workshop on Apiculture.